Corporate Governance for Bank Directors (1-Day Training Course)

Course Description:

A major causal factor of the global crisis from which the financial sector is now emerging has been the failure of many major international firms to adopt an integrated approach to
risk management linking all risk areas including governance and compliance with strategy and performance management.

Poor standards of risk management including governance and compliance risk have led to extensive criticism of the sector and to catastrophic problems and failure of some of the largest and best-known institutions. In the aftermath of such failures, both market and regulatory expectations have increased significantly, increasing the responsibilities placed on senior management. Developing a sound understanding of risk management best practices and comparing this with the approach adopted within your firm is a challenging but essential undertaking.

Furthermore, the governance and compliance issues arising from international regulatory requirements, Basel II/III, and best practices all provide additional challenges. There is a clear challenge of building consistent governance frameworks that meet the demands of the regulator and also add value to a bank. This will be addressed in this course explaining the main issues and identifying the approaches to be adopted.

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