Our Markets

Regardless of your corporate size or structure, our team of experienced professionals are well-positioned to support your journey.

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African Markets

Do you operate in an African market and require help establishing sound governance, risk and control practices in your operations, to scale, adequately serve your markets, or build a global brand?

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Are you looking at starting a risk and control program but you don’t know where to begin, or do you require operational improvements in your key processes?

Mid-Sized Entities

Looking to institutionalise sound practices or put proper structures in place to scale and attain industry leadership?

Large Corporations

Do you require a refresh of your governance, risk management and assurance program or need to address a nagging operational challenge? We support your operational, governance, risk management and regulatory compliance maturity journey.

State-Owned Enterprises

Seeking improved operational efficiency, control optimization, or sound governance and risk management practices?

Self-Regulatory Organizations

We provide survey, research, thought leadership and advisory to support policy and rules formulation, as well as seamless industry adoption.

NGOs and Philanthropies

We help you put proper structures in place so you can effectively deliver impact.


We support policy-driven conversations, we drive leading governance and risk management industry practices and conversations to support nurturing of enduring enterprises and industries, as a fuel for economic growth.

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